Yilan County-Sanqing Temple

Sanqing Temple- / kavin
Sanqing Temple is the most famous Taoist temple in Taiwan. The temple is only a 15 minute walk away from the Huanhu Walkway. This temple has enshrined and worshiped over fifty deities. Among these deities, three highest Taoist deities called the Three pure ones are being enshrined at the main hall. These three solemn statues are made of copper and iron, each weighted 2100 kilograms. This temple attracts more than ten thousand tourists each year because many believed these three deities have healing powers. Walking in this temple will make you feel like you are back to the Tang Dynasty. You will be amazed by the gorgeous and extraordinary architecture of the Sanqing Temple . The exquisite carvings on the walls and eaves illustrate the elegant style of ancient Chinese architecture. Besides the structure of the temple, you will also be able to appreciate numerous murals inside the temple with phoenix, clouds, flowers, and plants painted on them. There are nine carved stone dragons on each of the two sides of the temple. All the dragons are extremely well carved and look alive. They are made of Qingdou stone from the Fujian Province. In addition, there is a small pond right next to the dragon walls. People usually toss in their coins to make wishes. A Dragon Spring is right behind Sanqing Temple. The water comes out directly from a stone dragon's mouth. You can see people lining up to get the water because many believed that drinking this holy water can cure all illnesses. The wide forecourt is a great place for exercising and jogging, and it also gives you a great view. From the elevated temple courtyard, you can have the perfect view of the peaceful Meihua Lake and Lanyang Plain. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the fantastic night view of Yilan County here at the Sanqing Temple .
Lisa Kao/Mimi H.


No.123, Yilan county, Taiwan (R.O.C.)