Nantou County-Dongpu Scenic Area

Dongpu Scenic Area- / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉飯店區 東埔溫泉飯店區 / Lu
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉區導覽圖 東埔溫泉區導覽圖 / Lu
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉區導覽圖 東埔溫泉區導覽圖 / Lu
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔吊橋 東埔吊橋 / Lu
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔吊橋 東埔吊橋 / Lu
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔吊橋 東埔吊橋 / Lu
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉 東埔溫泉 / 旅遊王攝影組
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉 東埔溫泉 / 旅遊王攝影組
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉 東埔溫泉 / 旅遊王攝影組
Dongpu Scenic Area-烤山豬 烤山豬 / xcatx
Dongpu Scenic Area-溫泉街 溫泉街 / xcatx
Dongpu Scenic Area-梅花盛開 梅花盛開 / xcatx
Dongpu Scenic Area-跳望沙里仙隧道 跳望沙里仙隧道 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-週邊田園 週邊田園 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔村地標 東埔村地標 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-八通關古道入口 八通關古道入口 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉全景 東埔溫泉全景 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔村五鄰的溫泉區 東埔村五鄰的溫泉區 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔村觀彩虹吊橋 東埔村觀彩虹吊橋 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-帝綸飯店地貌 帝綸飯店地貌 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔村觀光吊橋 東埔村觀光吊橋 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-帝綸飯店街景 帝綸飯店街景 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔遊客中心 東埔遊客中心 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-山之鄉街景 山之鄉街景 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-往彩虹溫泉街景 往彩虹溫泉街景 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔溫泉街景 東埔溫泉街景 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔村吊橋全景 東埔村吊橋全景 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-玉山國家公園界碑 玉山國家公園界碑 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔吊橋 東埔吊橋 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-吊橋圖騰景觀 吊橋圖騰景觀 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-東埔眺望新中橫 東埔眺望新中橫 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-眺望陳有蘭溪 眺望陳有蘭溪 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-新中橫公路景觀 新中橫公路景觀 / 老山羊部落格
Dongpu Scenic Area-櫻花盛開 櫻花盛開 / 老山羊部落格
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Located at Shinyi Village in Nantou County, this area belongs to the Pulung aborigine tribe. Originally renowned for its hot springs, Dungpu has become a popular place to see the flora blossoms every year from January to April. Its famous five flowers are the point setters, plum, cherry, pear and peach. The harvest season at the end of summer is equally attractive when trees are ridden with fruits and the air exudes pleasant fruit fragrance. This is definitely an all-season tourist spot either for sightseeing, summer retreat or soaking in the hot springs.The hot spring in Dungpu was discovered long ago. During the Japanese Occupation, there were already bathing pools. These facilities came under the government jurisdiction after restoration and were opened to public. Gradually, Dungpu becomes known for its fantastic hot springs.The hot spring source is at the eastern foothill of Wan Village, about half an hour walk from the Bus Terminal. The water quality is superb; it is clear and drinkable. The volume is abundant and temperature is around 48 degree C. A soak in the pool is believed to get rid of tiredness, increases appetite and improves health. It is very popular among mountain climbers.In the vicinity, there are several attractions such as the Rainbow Waterfall and Lover’s Valley. Along the Patungkuanku Road, there are the Fupuzhijr (Father doesn’t know the son) Broken Ridge, Yinlung Waterfall, Ini Waterfall etc.


By Car :
1. National number 3 highway(國道三號), exit Mingjan offramp(民間交流道), turn left on Changnan Rd(彰南路) to connect to Tai 16 route(台16線), connect to Tai 21 route(台21線), turn left on Tungpu Rd(東埔道路) to reach.

By Train :
1. From Taichung Wurih Station(台中烏日站), transfer to Nantou Ershui Station(南投二水火車站), catch Jiji line train(集集線火車) to Shueili(水里), transfer to Yuanlin Bus(員林客運) towards Tungpu(東埔) to reach.