Nantou County-Puli Winery

Puli Winery- / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-酒甕造景牆面 酒甕造景牆面 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-文化酒廊 文化酒廊 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-產品展售中心 產品展售中心 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-酒場景觀 酒場景觀 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-古典造景 古典造景 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-蘭亭 蘭亭 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-路邊酒甕造景 路邊酒甕造景 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-各式酒類 各式酒類 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-展示酒文化 展示酒文化 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-埔里酒場景觀 埔里酒場景觀 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-酒文化館 酒文化館 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-酒鄉埔里 酒鄉埔里 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-路口歡迎招牌 路口歡迎招牌 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-埔里酒場景觀 埔里酒場景觀 / 老山羊部落格
Puli Winery-儲酒槽 儲酒槽 / Rayfong
Puli Winery-酒廠展售區 酒廠展售區 / Rayfong
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Located in Puli Township of Nantou County, the Puli Winery is home to one of the eight national wines in Taiwan, the Shaosing Rice Wine. As implied by its name, it was originally produced in Shaosing, in China’s Zhejiang province. Where it was made and fermented from high-quality sticky rice, barley and distilled water. And since Puli offers warm weather and sweet, clear water, the Puli Winery has come to be known for producing excellent quality of Shaosing Rice Wine with bright yellow texture and unique fragrance.

The winery uses its own improved method of making the wine, sealed tightly and stored in earthen jar for 30 months, and for some higher-quality Shaosing Rice Wine, at least 60 months are waited for storage. Since the strict quality control and the fine water from Ailan springs, the wine produced here are superior quality with long-lasting taste.

After the 921 earthquake, the winery underwent a complete renovation and since then, the tourism industry of Puli entered a brand new era. Puli Winery also devoted to establish the landmark feature of Puli as the Hometown of Shaosing Rice Wine. On top of actively promoting the culture of Shaosing Rice Wine, there are also efforts in preserving the history of the winery, as the first Wine culture museum in Taiwan.

opening hours

Monday to Friday:08:30 A.M. ~ 17:00 P.M.
Weekend:08:30 A.M. ~ 17:30 P.M.


By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Wangtien offramp(王田交流道), connect to provincial highway 1 route(一號省道) towards Caotun(草屯), turn left after National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute(台灣省手工業研究所後左轉), drive along to Puli(埔里) to reach.

2. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Zhongching offramp(中港交流道), along Zhongching express way(中彰快速道路), connect to Tai 14 route(台十四號公路), drive along Caotun(草屯) to reach.

By Bus :
1. Take Guoguan Bus(國光號) to Puli(埔里) directly. Takes around 3~4 hours to reach from Taipei city.